Extended Wedding Weekend in Edinburgh

Our extended weekend in Scotland featuring lots of great food, Arthur's Seat, and St. Giles' Cathedral.


The European Solidarity Centre

Welcome to the old Lenin shipyard, the place where Poland's road to democracy began! "Oh god, she's showing us a rickety old sign and an enormous rusty-looking building. Is this a tourist attraction? Does she take people here when they visit? The coal smoke must be getting to her" your inner monologs must be saying.... Continue Reading →

An Austrian Thanksgiving

Per usual, I am very late in writing my blog post for our most recent trip. Just pretend you've gotten into a time machine that has transported you back to the beginning of the holiday season. Can you picture it? You're sitting on your couch in a comatose, post-Thanksgiving feast, food coma state and thinking, "oh... Continue Reading →

Kajakiem przez Gdańsk

A bit delayed, but we've been pretty busy. A few weeks ago, one of Zach's co-workers, Anna, kindly invited us to tag along with her and her boyfriend, plus a few others, on a kayaking tour of the canals of Gdańsk. The day of, Anna and I got a bit carried away with sending memes... Continue Reading →

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