t-minus 2 weeks

Every time I tell someone I am moving to Poland, I follow that up with “what?!” in my mind. Yes, I am two weeks away from making a trans-Atlantic move and I still have not processed the fact that I am moving to Poland.

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely excited about moving to Europe and for all of the traveling I will get to do, but I am also terrified of moving to a place where I have never even set foot. Not to mention Polish is proving to be a huge challenge to learn for someone who has only ever studied Romance languages.

All of my friends have been supportive of my move, saying how excited they are for me to embark on this life adventure. There are a select few (looking at you Amy and Nicole) who have called me for what I am – crazy. To that I say, “yes, indeed I am crazy!” That’s what your early-to-mid twenties are for, right? Doing crazy things you can’t do later in life.

So here’s to crazy life choices and new homes in foreign lands!

Do widzenia, Raleigh, cześź, Gdansk!

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  1. Kudos to you for embarking upon this adventure! Have you tried the free language learning app Duolingo? Its by far the best thing I’ve tried, and I’ve tried almost everything there is.


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