Światło Słoneczne


After a weekend of overcast skies and drizzling rain, the sun has finally decided to make an appearance and dissipate the fog. We can finally see the ships out on the Baltic from our roof! From what I’ve heard, Gdansk has had a fairly mild zima (winter) and we’re about to transition into przedwiośnie (or pre-spring).

Fun fact: Poland has 6 seasons: zima, przedwiośnie, wiosna (spring), lato (summer), złota Polska jesień (Golden Polish Summer), and jesień (autumn).

This weekend was just the beginning of the steep learning curve I will have with the Polish language and culture. So far I have learned:

  1. You MUST pay for a train ticket even if there is a high likelihood that your ticket will not get checked.
  2. Gyms DO NOT supply free towels or water. Yup, you heard me. No sweat towels, no paper towels in the bathrooms for washing your hands (WHY POLAND), and no water fountains.
  3. Ikea has a great business model. No matter what language you speak, being trapped in a maze of fun home decor items makes resisting buying everything EXTREMELY hard.
  4. Topping up your SIM card is a chore EACH TIME you need to do so. However, very happy to say that I can still use my iPhone with a new SIM.

That’s it for now. I’m working on job applications today and will make a solo train trip to the gym later (wish me luck!).


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