Sunny Sopot

Sunny days in Poland are deceptive. From the warmth of your flat, you overestimate the outside temperature and convince yourself that the sun will warm you up.


Last Sunday, we decided to keep the momentum going with our Old Town Adventure and go out for a beach walk in Sopot. Walking to the beach was quite nice, not a lot of wind, and the sun helped to keep us warm.  The main walkway next to the beach is lined with beautiful houses and a few beach bars/shacks, which are closed for the winter.

Stepping onto the pier made us realize how, well, not warm it was. The wind was constantly blowing, drawing the cold from the Baltic. This did not stop everyone in Sopot from coming out and soaking up their vitamin D. We passed countless people lined up on the benches, bundled up in their parkas and hats, faces turned towards the sun. It reminded me of when my parents visited the UK while I was studying abroad and it happened to be during the sunniest week the entire UK had seen in recent history. We were taking a taxi through London and my mom remarked on the number of people who were outside. It was as if every person in the city of London had come out of the nooks and crannies to revel in the sun.


The pier led us to the back courtyard of the Sheraton hotel, one of three very grand hotels lining Sopot’s beach. We made our way past the hotel to the beginning of Monte Cassino, the main pedestrian road in Sopot, which is lined with tons of restaurants, bars, and shops. One of the most interesting buildings on this street is the Krzywy Domek, or the Crooked House. The architects, Szotyńscy & Zaleski, drew inspiration for the building’s designs from Jan Marcin Szancer’s illustrations for children’s fairytale books.


We also took the chance to walk out onto the beach to see all of the swans (they’re not really swans, but some look-a-like) and seagulls. The beach was a wind tunnel and quite chilly. I’m sure it will be much nicer once the weather warms up!

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  1. Lizzie, you’re an excellent tour guide and writer – thanks for sharing your adventures with us! Gdansk is beautiful in winter so it will be even better as Spring unfolds. Happy Spring! We’ll stay tuned.


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