Spring has sprung

You know one thing that’s absolutely fantastic about being in Poland right now? NO POLLEN. I’ve heard from many a person back in the states that the pollen is everywhere and it’s just as awful as ever. Spring is creeping in here, with temperatures at about 13 C and the sun staying up until 7:30. It’s great! Warmer temperatures (relatively) and sunshine without the pollen. That being said, the trees and flowers haven’t started coming back to life quite yet. There are a few flowers poking up here and there, but otherwise it still looks like winter.

Despite no pollen, we are both sick with some iteration of allergies that morphed into sinus problems that have probably morphed into some larger respiratory issue. Luckily, we are both on the mend with the help of lots of tea, Advil, and codeine.

Last night we did trek out to Ludovisko, a dive bar located at the hockey arena right next to the Olivia Business Center with some friends. I try to absorb as much as I can when I tag along to the Gdansk office’s outings. For example, I learned that dobrze (fine) is not as commonly used as I was led to believe. We also learned that instead of saying something like “oh he doesn’t remember anything from last night because he was drunk/wasted,” you replace drunk/wasted with a typical hand gesture. You simply flatten your hand and strike your neck twice with the pinky side of your hand, as if you were gesturing your head being chopped off. Don’t ask me why, all I know is it’s just taboo to say I/you/he/she is drunk.

I will keep you posted on more lessons of the Polish culture as I go!



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