Sugar Crashes and Caffeine Highs

Have you ever experienced going to a new city or country, trying a local food item, and lamenting why you cannot get that particular item back home? Sure, everyone has. Have you ever had that happen to you at nearly every meal when you were visiting a new place for a weekend? I have.

As I promised in my last post, I have written a whole page dedicated to the delicious food we ate during our travels in Stockholm. It all began at Vete-Katten, a BEAUTIFUL (yes, I did capitalize, underline, and italicize that word, because it’s worth it) cafe in the Norrmalm neighborhood.

Full disclosure: While planning this trip, I spent 50% more time researching where we were going to eat for each meal than researching where we were going to go. Clearly my priorities were in order.

Back to Vete-Katten: 

I’m pretty sure this is the most gorgeous bakery I have ever seen. We treated ourselves to oodles of coffee and life-changing pastries.


I had a solbulle, which I can best describe as a cinnamon-cardamom donut with custard where the hole should be. Zach had a Budapest pastry, which had an interesting texture, but we decided it was closest to having a cross between marshmallow fluff and whipped cream rolled up in a soft meringue.

Following our sightseeing on Gamla Stan, we trekked past the Kungsträdgården to Vigårda, a sort of rustic-industrial burger joint with tons of fresh salads and juices (and juicy burgers, of course).

I had their Bistro burger, which had bacon, caramelized onions, Gruyere cheese, and truffle mayo…..mmmmm. Zach had their original double burger, which was equally delicious, but not as exciting 😉 

Our final food stop on Friday was at Akkurat Restaurant & Bar, which boasted an extensive beer and whiskey list to go along with its rich Scandinavian menu. We split a bucket of mussels that had been drenched in a sauce of goat cheese, sour cream, garlic, and honey…..and a side of fries. I was stuffed after the muscles, but Zach ordered a plate of Akkurat’s homemade sausages and I swear tears came to his eyes when he took that first bite. To top off this clearly life-changing experience, he ordered a Speyside whiskey that was older than he is, an item on his bucket list.

The final place I am going to talk about is Tradition, a restaurant in the financial district which does, yup, you guessed it, traditional Swedish food, but with their own contemporary spin. Sadly, I did not take any pictures while we were at Tradition, but let me tell you about that meal. So Swedes make this delicious dark rye/molasses bread that is typically served with smoked salmon and capers. We had this same bread at Akkurat, but this rye bread at Tradition had a bit more molasses in it and was served with their creamy homemade butter. Zach and I split a starter of red and golden beets with hard goat cheese. I don’t know what they did to those golden beets, but I could have had a bowlful.

For the mains, I ordered a traditional Swedish meatball dish with whipped potatoes, lingonberries, and pickled cucumbers. It was a hardy and rich meal which left me too full for dessert, which I was quite sad about. Zach ordered a salted beef brisket, which had an interesting texture due to the salting. It was almost the texture of corned beef. To top off the meal, Zach ordered a Brandy Alexander like the true Wisconsinite that he is.

My only regret on this trip is that I didn’t eat more. Can’t wait to go back to Stockholm!


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