It’s a small world…..after all!

I have been singing this song for the past few days, despite having never been on the ride at Disney World. The past two weeks have proven just how small this world is. For the past several months, we have been wondering where all of the expats have been hiding out and now it seems like they’ve come out en-masse….relatively speaking.

Earlier this week in Piotr i Paweł, the supermarket near work, Zach and I were wandering the aisles looking for distilled water. As I circled back to say something, the woman who I had just passed asked where we were from. Our “oh-my-gosh-another-American!” senses went off like crazy. We kept our cool and said that we had most recently lived in North Carolina. Small world, so had this woman and her family. Her husband was stationed at Fort Bragg, just about an hour from Raleigh, and is now here completing a graduate program at the local university.

The following day, Zach was in Starbucks when he met a guy who was most recently from Indiana. His wife is here working at GetResponse, a marketing company that I applied for during my job search, while he is a freelance writer.

The first instance that kicked off this small world trend was when I learned that one of my new co-workers, who is originally from Russia, studied abroad with his girlfriend in Fredericksburg, VA and had visited Richmond a few times. He even recognized that Richmond is in the South!

In other news, I have started my new job at a mobile gaming company! I am so happy to be a “productive member of society”, as my mom puts it, again. I knew nothing about mobile gaming going into this job, but I have been learning so much everyday and come home exhausted each night, so I am grateful for that.

We’ve had great weather this weekend. I even “tanned” up on our roof yesterday. It was almost like being on the beach, except I was in fuzzy slippers, thermal leggings, and a North Face. Ha!

On to a new week and a new month! Happy May!

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