Escape of the Hedgehogs

A bit delayed, but it’s been a busy week. Three weeks ago, Zach and I started out on our keto diet journey. For those of your who are not familiar with a ketogenic diet, it involves keeping your carb intake to an absolute minimum (5% of your total calorie intake) while eating a moderate amount of protein and ALL THE FAT YOU WANT. Yes, this is a real diet and it does make you lose weight. By restricting your carb intake, your liver begins to produce ketones from the fat instead of glucose from carbs.

Our plan was to stay on this diet for a month to kick-start our weight lifting regimen and to get beach body ready. After so many meals of eggs, pork, and low-carb veggies slathered in mayo, we started to get sick (literally and figuratively) of our diet. We were sluggish, cranky, and extremely unhappy. So at the end of the second week of our diet, we met outside our office complex, looked at how unhappy we were, and decided to end the diet.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “this has nothing to do with hedgehogs, Lizzie.” This is where they come in, promise! We decided to celebrate the end of our diet by going out to Tandoori Love, one of our favorite restaurants in Sopot. Never have I had such a euphoric experience eating naan. Following our dinner, we headed home via the walkway along the beach. As we were about to cross over to the beach, Zach spotted a lump on the sidewalk. We realized it was a hedgehog who had probably fallen out of the walled garden that bordered a lovely old home right on the beach.


The little guy seemed to be a bit stunned that he had suddenly found himself on a brick sidewalk with a bunch of pedestrians. We debated over helping him back into the garden, but we weren’t sure if hedgehogs carried diseases and didn’t want to go through trying to get rabies shots in Poland.

We left our little hedgehog friend to do his thing and headed home, but not before we caught a glimpse of the gorgeous sunset.

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