Extended Wedding Weekend in Edinburgh

Our extended weekend in Scotland featuring lots of great food, Arthur's Seat, and St. Giles' Cathedral.


An Austrian Thanksgiving

Per usual, I am very late in writing my blog post for our most recent trip. Just pretend you've gotten into a time machine that has transported you back to the beginning of the holiday season. Can you picture it? You're sitting on your couch in a comatose, post-Thanksgiving feast, food coma state and thinking, "oh... Continue Reading →

A Brief Lesson in Polish (& American) History

Today we are going to talk about Kopiec Kościuszki, AKA the Kościuszko Mound, in Krakow. Seems irrelevant for the 4th of July, right? Wrong! We all know the part that the French played in assisting the Continental Army and America's fight for freedom. One person that no American will find in a high school history textbook about the... Continue Reading →

Wędrowaliśmy przez Warszawę

I like alliterations, okay guys? Thankfully, "wędrowaliśmy przez Warszawę" (ven-droov-al-ish-meh psh-rez var-sha-v-en), or "we wandered through Warsaw", worked out. Also, I know this is a long-overdue blog post. This is part 1 of our long weekend. With Corpus Christi falling on a Thursday, we took Friday off and took advantage of cheap airfare to Warsaw. After a... Continue Reading →

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