A Brief Lesson in Polish (& American) History

Today we are going to talk about Kopiec Kościuszki, AKA the Kościuszko Mound, in Krakow. Seems irrelevant for the 4th of July, right? Wrong! We all know the part that the French played in assisting the Continental Army and America's fight for freedom. One person that no American will find in a high school history textbook about the... Continue Reading →


Wędrowaliśmy przez Warszawę

I like alliterations, okay guys? Thankfully, "wędrowaliśmy przez Warszawę" (ven-droov-al-ish-meh psh-rez var-sha-v-en), or "we wandered through Warsaw", worked out. Also, I know this is a long-overdue blog post. This is part 1 of our long weekend. With Corpus Christi falling on a Thursday, we took Friday off and took advantage of cheap airfare to Warsaw. After a... Continue Reading →

Escape of the Hedgehogs

A bit delayed, but it's been a busy week. Three weeks ago, Zach and I started out on our keto diet journey. For those of your who are not familiar with a ketogenic diet, it involves keeping your carb intake to an absolute minimum (5% of your total calorie intake) while eating a moderate amount... Continue Reading →

It’s a small world…..after all!

I have been singing this song for the past few days, despite having never been on the ride at Disney World. The past two weeks have proven just how small this world is. For the past several months, we have been wondering where all of the expats have been hiding out and now it seems... Continue Reading →

Sugar Crashes and Caffeine Highs

Have you ever experienced going to a new city or country, trying a local food item, and lamenting why you cannot get that particular item back home? Sure, everyone has. Have you ever had that happen to you at nearly every meal when you were visiting a new place for a weekend? I have. As I promised... Continue Reading →

The Sights of Stockholm

Three days, 31.12 miles, and countless cups of coffee later, we have returned from our whirlwind trip to Stockholm. Originally we had planned on taking a trip to Dortmund, Germany, but ticket prices to Sweden were all too tempting. I cannot write about everything we saw or did, just because of the sheer number of places... Continue Reading →

Spring has sprung

You know one thing that's absolutely fantastic about being in Poland right now? NO POLLEN. I've heard from many a person back in the states that the pollen is everywhere and it's just as awful as ever. Spring is creeping in here, with temperatures at about 13 C and the sun staying up until 7:30.... Continue Reading →

Sunny Sopot

Sunny days in Poland are deceptive. From the warmth of your flat, you overestimate the outside temperature and convince yourself that the sun will warm you up. Wrong. Last Sunday, we decided to keep the momentum going with our Old Town Adventure and go out for a beach walk in Sopot. Walking to the beach... Continue Reading →

Old Town Adventure

This past weekend, we replaced our gym time with walking all over Gdańsk and Sopot. There wasn't much rhyme or reason to our meandering, but we wandered through the pretty streets, explored the Grand Mill, the Hall of the Old Town, Hala Targowa (market hall), St. Mary's Church, the Old Gdańsk Crane, and the Golden Gate. For... Continue Reading →

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